"Materials, colors, textures and stories are a source of inspirations for me. These influences which are reflected in my work generate objects of the present-day.  The fur is a material which I always liked and the jewels which I do allow me to give it a second live by recycling it for the respect of the nature.

The fur remains alive in it's movement and offers us small sculptural explosions with nuances and infinite gradations of colors.

   Always int the quest of the archetype in my creations, my collections evolve in the course of the trends leaving behind them timeless classics."

Elisabeth Lehoux

Elisabeth Lehoux


Passionate about arts and design, Elisabeth Lehoux evolves in the world of creation since her early childhood.  At first trained in Visual Arts - education followed by a passage in Design of the Environment at the Université du Québec à Montréal which gave her solid bases as a creator and designer, Elisabeth works as a makeup designer in the circus industry internationally and as an interior stylist.

In 2013, creating jewels for pleasure for a few years, she founded her own company and created her brand of recycled fur jewelry.

Simple, elegant, contemporaneus.

We create and make jewels made with recycled fur.

Our approach joins a eco-responsible mode of creation and production wich emphasize this noble material in the respect for the nature.  By their natural materials with textures and variable colors, our jewels are unique as every woman who wears them.

Established in 2013, the little company was founded

by the designer Elisabeth Lehoux.


The little story

Everything began in my workshop in 2007 while I looked for a new inspiration for my jewels.  I fell on a box of leftover fur which a friend had given me telling me that she was certain that I could create something interesting with all this...she was well right.  By means of exploration, tries, errors, combinations of materials,research and time, I finally create what became the necklace which I call the « Grand Classique ».  Having inherited the fur coats of my great grandmother, they were the first coats to serve my aspiration.  I afterward began to buy fur coats found ine the classified ads which gave rise to beautiful encounters.  Isn't it wonderful being able to be done a jewel with the coat of a person that we so much loved and knowing that the coats of our mothers will have a second life? Since this time, every coat has its story...

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