The workshop


Jewels are assembled by hand in Montreal by artisans collaborators.

We favor local and ethical supply by working with home grown companies.

The fur



The fur is a natural resource of Canada.

Its industry makes live several communities which live in rural or distant regions and which depend on the nature to live as well as the artisans of fur. The fur used for the creation of our jewels comes from recycled clothes of fur and also from leftover of fur workshop from Montreal.

For more informations about the fur industry, visit the site of

Fur Council of Canada and the site of Fur is Green.

What's to be done with your old coat?


You inherited from the old coat of your mother or from your grandmother

and do not wish to wear it?

We can make you a custom-made jewel which will

make you keep a beautiful memory.

We work with mink, sable, fox, coyote, racoon,

sheep of Persia and wolf.







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We like that when that shines!

The majority of our jewels are

embellished with a Swarovski crystal.

Jewels are assembled

with hypoallergenic

stainless steel pieces.

We also use some tin

manufactured in Quebec.

The fur is carefully

cleaned and prepared

before being transformed.